What’s a Pastormac?

I have 7 kids (all on purpose) and one wife. Personally this makes more sense to me than the other way around. 5 of my kids are homegrown, 2 of them are adopted from Ethiopia. I am obsessively in love with my wife. I love being a dad.

I pastored a church in Albuquerque called Mountain View (because we had a view of the mountains. Clever, huh?) You can read the Hidden Life to see how that worked out. In 1993 we merged Mountain View with our church plant in Rio Rancho called Rio West Community Church (yeah, because we were west of the Rio). In 2008, a group of brave pilgrims joined me in planting a new church in Rio Rancho called Lifesong. You can tell we were radical because we didn’t name ourselves after our location. It’s a great name for a church. But truly, I wanted to call it “The point” just so we could say goofy things like “What’s the point? come find out?” and “Get to the point!” but wiser heads ultimately prevailed as, at this “point” such puns would have hardly seemed worth it I’m sure.

On July 14, 2013, Lifesong  closed its doors.  The deacons told me I had to let the people out first, though I would have loved to have kept them for lonely nights.   So as of that date I became a pastor without a church. And thus Pastormac’s ponderings become a pilgrimage for “next”. So I plan to pontificate and preach and ponder but not pander, placate or pacify as I post through my pilgrimage.

Socrates is reputed to have said he didn’t like books, as they always gave the same answer, no matter what you asked. As an author, I invite you to see them as an invitation to dialogue, so feel free to ask or challenge anything you’d like in my books. Just use the “contact David” link in the menu above.

I do a conference called the Hidden Life and other public speaking occasionally as well. Use the same “contact David” link above if you are interested in booking me for a speaking engagement.

I would say I’m a Christ follower, cause it sounds cooler than Christian, but that would imply I’m always on track, which I’m not. I would say I love Jesus, but truly I fall short there far too often too. On my Facebook page, I put “through a mirror dimly” for religious views, cause I thought it was funny. I am loved by Christ through no fault of my own and I believe you are too. I’ve accepted His gift of grace and hope you do too.

I say I am a postmodern republican, cause I think it’s a good definition, but mostly cause it sounds informative without actually being so.

I love to read Dickens and Shakespeare and listen to Mozart and Bach, which makes me sound highbrow, but I also love reality tv shows and Dean Koontz, so go figure.

You can check out my books on my Amazon Author page (in the menu above) or along the sidebar. You can book a conference or guest speaking slot by clicking the “contact me” above as well.


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