A Christmas Puzzle: And So it ends!

January 2, 2013

We Have a Winner!!!

Congratulations to Christen Catlin!  She solved the puzzle and proved it by sending me an email today to the super secret email.  She included in that email the correct answer to the puzzle.  As a result she has won the 100 dollar prize.  I’ve already sent her details about that and will post them here soon.
I’ve invited her to post here on my blog as a guest and to provide her own denouement to the puzzle.  It would be fun to give her a chance to explain in her own words the solution to the puzzle.
However, now that the prize has been won, the comments section is open for any of you who were making progress, but didn’t quite solve it, to present your own journeys in the comments as well.
Who knows?   if I like your comments, I may even have a runner up prize or two.


First what we already know:
Solving the puzzle and winning the $100 prize in great literature is accomplished by:
1) Being the first to correctly identify the storytellers in The Christmas Puzzle and email me the answer.
2) There are numerous clues scattered about the book to help you identify who the storytellers are.
3) The Email address to which you must send the answer is also encoded in the book.
4) There is no limit to the number of times you may attempt an answer.
5). There is no time limit for solving the puzzle. First one to solve it wins all.
Re: identifying the storytellers, note the first line of Emily's last poem. 
and as a bonus for the new year, here's two more hints in the category of "things you might already realize but should know if you don't."
1. The December 25th hint (below, named "the rules") cannot be deciphered without the book, and when deciphered will give you the final rules of submission, including how to find the email address.
2. The better you understand the rules, the more likely you will win.
And as a bonus bonus, don't miss the trailer for the book.
December 25 
The Rules:
(1,2,1) (1,3,1) (2,1,2) (1,3,4) (3,1,2)s. (2,3,7) (3,2,1) (3,3,6). (Title, 1,2) (3,4,2) (1,3,2) (1,4,3)
P.S. Feel free to post comments on this page about your journey in this puzzle, but if you post any part of the answer, you will be disqualified from any chance of winning.

4 responses to “A Christmas Puzzle: And So it ends!

  1. Joshua

    What are the rules about number of solutions a reader can submit? I think I’m close, but I won’t guess if I only get one chance.

  2. Laurie Cumbie

    I devoured every word – think I know the story tellers – am not sharp enough to decipher the email address! LOL! I’m going to have a good nights sleep and try fresh in the morn!

  3. Stephanie

    I think I got the story tellers, but the email address also stumped me.
    I guessed that A.C. was Arthur Conan Doyle when he mentioned that observing things was a habit of his, and his story confirmed my idea. I thought Emily was Emily Dickinson because she was a poet and because she wore a white dress (I read somewhere that Emily wore white dresses all the time). I guessed Oscar was Oscar Wilde mostly because Wilde was the first name I thought of when I heard Oscar. But I read more about him and my initial thought fit. When I read George’s Sci-Fi story I thought War of the Worlds which led me to H.G. Wells. The conversation from the first story that was omitted and the character Herbert in George’s story confirmed my thought. Finally, I was talking about the puzzle with my sister, and she suggested that Jack was C.S. Lewis. Then I read his story which mentioned an old wardrobe and the characters Lucy, Peter, and Edmond.

    I thought I had it after I solved the first hint, but the email address I tried didn’t exist. I tried a couple variations, but those didn’t work either. So, that was my “journey” with this puzzle.

    Anyway, congratulations to the winner! I’m excited to read how you solved the puzzle!

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