Solve A Christmas Puzzle (available now) and win a $100 prize

It’s here!

Available for Kindle immediately and coming soon on iBooks, A Christmas Puzzle a collection of short stories told by a group of mysterious strangers and the best part is that if you are the first to identify the strangers and solve the Puzzle, you can win a very cool Prize. I can’t tell you what it is as it’s part of the puzzle, but honestly, it’s cool! It’s also valued at at least 100 dollars.


If lots of people buy the book, I’ll add more items to the prize and increase its value!

It’s less than a buck and you could win 100 dollars!

A Great Christmas Gift

As an ebook it’s a great last minute gift, and particularly if you are buying someone an iPad, iPhone or Kindle for Christmas. Imagine for just 99 cents, you could buy them something which could earn them 100 dollars, not to mention bragging rights for solving the puzzle! That’s a pretty cool gift.

Buy it here (for mobile devices)

or here (for computers)  right now.


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