A Christmas Puzzle with a 100 dollar prize… update

So just in time for Christmas, my daughter and I have collaborated on a book which happens also to be a puzzle which comes with a prize for the first person to solve it.  The Prize will be valued minimally at 100 dollars, but may go up if the book sells well.  It will be available on Kindle, Nook and iBooks in time for Christmas, so buy it as an extra for the person to whom you are giving an Ipad, Kindle or Nook.  Or, buy it for yourself.

My daughter has faithfully completed her portion,  and I’m not far behind.  Although the book will be out in in plenty of time for Christmas (with instant delivery as an ebook), it is still a few more days till its completion and release.   While you wait,  I thought you might be interested in the table of contents.

A Strange Beginning 7

The League of Extraordinary Santas 11

A Disorienting Continuation 17

Christmas Comes but Twice a Year 19

An Odd Interlude 21

A Very Christmas Incarceration 23

A Puzzling Christmas poem 43

The Author’s Dilemma 45



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