Operation Spicy Chicken part 2

So I have reservations on my calendar today.  My ipod touch just beeped and alerted me that I have reservations at “That Chicken Place.”  (And by the way Apple’s, y2k+10″ialarm” crisis seems to have passed without the complete collapse of civilization after all…whew, that was close.)

Anyway, I suppose I could have called it “le Chicken Plaz” to give it more of a “reservation feel.”  Anyway, the reservation is with Chick-Fil-A so that my wife and I can go enjoy the new Spicy chicken biscuit this morning!  As faithful readers will recall, I beat the system and had my spicy chicken biscuit already , so why are we going to the reservation this morning?

1) It’s free

2) It’s yummy

3) It’s a fun date with my wife.

4) Because I owe it to you, my faithful readers to follow this daring exploit through to the end.  Who better to judge the new Spicy Chicken biscuit for what it is, then the only living soul (so far as I know) to have tried the old Spicy Chicken do-it-yourself-kit.

So, we’ll take along our faithful videographer (and her siblings) as well, to capture it for posterity, or at least for you.

See you at “that chicken place” soon.



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2 responses to “Operation Spicy Chicken part 2

  1. Jennifer Smith

    I didn’t make my reservation, since getting there in the morning isn’t exactly convenient for my clan- You’ll have to tell me if they made the biscuit larger!

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